The Story


A Legend is Born

Chapter 1: Breadcrumbs

The Day Hope left Earth Breadcrumbs

Chapter 2: Wake Up Call

Jackpot Only Two More To Go Wake Up Call ...A Beautiful Friendship

Chapter 3: First Contact


Warning! The story is published as a blog, so the most recent post and possible major spoilers follow below.

Wake Up Call

The sunrise splashed it's blinding light out of the pitch dark of the night and onto the glimmering sand. It was mornings like these that made him never want to leave this place. With his feet almost touching the oncoming waves, he watched silently towards the shining blue water.

... Quite a beauty, isn't it?

The startled man looked towards the woman just behind him. She was quite beautiful ... which made it even stranger that she would come up to him just like that. He quickly realised that, after all, they were the only two people on the beach that day, so maybe she was just bored.

Only Two More To Go

Marty watched silently as Dyson broke into the op room. There was nothing more he could have done and he knew that, although the dead body on the table in front of him might have had a different opinion.